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About This Course:

What is an edification? From a general definition, edification can be considered as an act of teaching and improving someone morally and intellectually. In our context, we will consider edification as an act of making people aware of how much we admire and respect other people and also how far we are willing to go to let other people know about something great people in our lives are doing.


There is no better tool for your relationship success like edification. Speaking well about others and showing a sincere admiration for people even when they are not with you is a great way to build a long-lasting family, marriage, friendship, and strong ally. Edification is also a way to attract blessings to yourself because the more you speak good things about people, the more good things come to you. This is such an amazing principle that everyone who wishes to excel in their life, career, business, social, spiritual, and every other aspect of life should have. If you truly value happiness, then go ahead and see how edification can serve you.


The Thick of It:

We have all been in a position where we felt great for what others said about us in front of other people. Edification also happens when a speaker or host of an event says something great about our work and accomplishments before inviting us to come and speak to the audience. Edification is applicable in all areas of our lives. The best edification happens when the people we are talking about are not with us. That is when the true mind of a man is revealed about how much respect and love he has for those he speaks about. It's is now becoming natural for men to speak down on others in their absence. Some of us have been there, we have found ourselves if not one time trying to say a lot of good things about our life but less of good things about others especially those that are better than us in some way or fashion. Edification is a huge responsibility for talebearers. They can't imagine themselves saying something good about others. It is either, I'll share his flaws, or I will forever not say anything. Taking credit for ourselves before recognizing others is the reason why people have a serious problem with their relationship. You can even find out how people are doing in their relationship by the way they talk about themselves. Some men can't even say something good about their wives in front of their friends. They can do that in the absence of their wife, but it only becomes a tongue-tied when their wife is present. The act of complimenting others should be a value we need to incorporate into our lives. Men are hungry living things that are looking for one food and that is to feel important, not only to be recognized as an individual but also to be recognized for their achievement. Why punish your happiness by withholding another person happiness? If edification is what triggers happiness and brings more joy into other people's hearts, why not give it to them so that you too can receive yours. You rekindle your relationship with more love anytime you edify your spouse in front of others. This same edification applies to our relationship with others. Your friends have more respect for you when you positively edify them both in their presence and their absence. In return, your friends do nothing less than also edifying you when you are not around. You build your army of warriors when you say something good about others and the universe stands on your side when you bless your fellow man with amazing words. A good word spoken at an appropriate time, how good is it?" Proverbs 15:23.



Saying good things about others can also be your brand and the consequence of this act is that you will be remembered for loving others more than they can imagine. Making others feel good about themselves doesn't make you a lesser man but it increases your bank of a happy relationship and a life to be remembered. If you ever look for how to build confidence in others, look no further because edification is what brings out the best in others. It is hard for people to walk away from you or your enemies to come against you when you are on a habit of edifying people regardless of how inconvenient it is.