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Consistent people are luckier than anyone else you can imagine

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Consistent people are luckier than anyone else you can ever imagine: Even you can be luckier if you stay consistent.

We have an article that talks about how to win in an environment where there are too many competitors and common interests. You can check it out later but, in this article, we want to share with you a perspective that will remind you that you are up against one person in your improvement journey and that individual is you. 

If not having talent, luck or innate abilities of success is what you have been worrying about then stop. Here are the meat and potatoes that will help you to join the few achievers club. 

Consistency starts with being intentional

Some of us who have struggled to find what they want to do in life. At some point in our life, we tend to wonder whether we can be as good as the few individuals we know who are taking everybody by surprise by their level of continuous home run achievement. It is not so much a secret again that these same people we admire are certainly doing what the majority are not willing to do. Most of us have good intentions but just few of us knows how to turn their good intention into results. Distraction will most often get in the way of our goal especially when we are after a meaningful goal. If you want to be intentional with achieving a goal, you need certain quality which is not common and that is consistency. Daily progress gets accomplished when we apply the powerful force of consistency. Throughout your career, you will meet people who know your job more than you do, you will also meet exceptional people who will intimidate you with one certain quality or the other. That same quality your opponent or competitor uses to intimidate you is not an overnight improvement plan. They went through a process of consistency and they are still routing themselves through the same process and that is why they have a certain quality you think you can never have. The truth is that you can possess the same quality, overhaul them, or be where they are depending on your choice of actions, but it will be difficult for you if you fail to add consistency to your improvement plan. 

Agree to the terms and condition and then commit to it

Chasing your goal by being consistent should be more like agreeing to terms and conditions. The moment you make your consistency improvement plan look like signing terms and condition, the faster you will break through all the hurdles that might be impeding you from knowing more about your new goal, mastering your craft and making what seem hard simple, not easy. Consistency makes your life simple, not easy. Avoid the idea of using consistency to make life easy because humans tend to take what becomes easy for them for granted. You might lose your hunger for being consistent at what you do. If it is easy, you will not put in the work and you will neglect it and if you look down on it, you will leave it. The moment you leave it, you will lose it.

 Subscribing to the terms and conditions of consistency will help you to improve yourself every day in the areas that you want to grow in regardless of what challenges that come your way. 

You may have heard about people who consistently get the same result all over and all over again.

The problem with these individuals is not their inability to work on a goal but their inability to consistently improve what they are doing is what puts them on a path of an unsatisfactory result. We can encourage them to change their strategy but if they disregard the idea of being consistent after they change their strategy, they will still experience the same deadened that is blocking their desired result. 

The work gets better when you continuously do better and get good at what you do

The result we get from doing our work is a reflection of how valuable we are. It is not an intelligent thing for us to expect exceptional results when we are busy approaching the work with an inconsistent ability. There is a relationship between being able and staying consistent. Your ability shows what you can do but your consistency shows how good you can become if you stay at it. Successful people stretch themselves further than the average man drag himself. You can guarantee yourself a better you or a better outcome when all that bothers you is how much you are willing to stretch yourself in what you are doing or will embark on. It is a choice and that is why it is only a few that are having what the majority cannot have. 

The temptation of breaking consistency

There is a great height of temptation found in being consistent. At first, you will feel like you can do it and then you start doing, and then all of a sudden, you will experience a surge of temptation that will almost hit you like a tornado. This is where a good friend of consistency will come into assistance and that is persistence. While we will go over the persistent topic in a future article, we want to assure you that you will need persistence to conquer the temptation of breaking your consistency streak. At our downtimes especially when we are not seeing the result, we usually if not almost conclude that we are not good at what we do or what we want to do. It’s a general temptation to make that confession but that is part of being a human. We have weaknesses and it is fair if we speak of them, but it is not acceptable if we conclude on it without turning the weakness into a strength especially when we know that we need it to achieve our goal. 

Consistency will not help you to be good at everything, but it will certainly help you if you chose to be good at a few things 

While you cannot be good at everything, you have the right and the time to be good at what you chose to accomplish in your life. Persisting where it hurts and committing to being consistent towards that one goal is the winning secret that separates you from those who give up when they are tempted with failure, slow result, and criticism. Daily improvements happen when daily consistency initiates. I have personally been in a situation when doing it tomorrow is my form of consistency. I would rather choose to throw two stones into my tomorrow river than to throw one today and throw another tomorrow. The majority of my goal that went unfinished is a result of a lack of consistency. The problem with throwing two stones into the river when tomorrow comes is that you might not find two stones by the time you go to where you get it from. Imagine failing to practice today with the hope that you will double your practice tomorrow and you are fully aware that you have a game to play two days away. The practice that you missed could have been the defining moment in your career if you had consistently gotten the practice in without losing the streak. 

The choice is yours, but it better worth the decision

The ability to be a better you tomorrow are a function of your ability to be a consistent achiever. Good athletes become great athletes when they choose to develop within themselves a habit of constant improvement. This passion for improvement sends the great athlete out for practice even though the weatherman is forecasting how heavy it is going to rain. There is one thing in the mind of these great athletes and that is, “I shall cross off this super-important goal from my to-do list.” Do you have an item to cross off from your list? How about a goal that will change your life? What is it that you are seriously planning to do? Consistency will help you to be where you thought you could not be. 

People's opinions are your worst distractions, stay away from it.

Another temptation that will break your daily improvement is your reaction to what people think. You are only wasting your time with people's thoughts if you are not seeking relevant feedback because the only thought you will ever need is yours. At the end of the day, you are the one that will conclude whether to be the same or to be different. Your result could change if you strategically improve what you do daily without stopping. Consistency also applies to how you focus on your challenges. Instead of thinking too hard about how you can conquer your challenges, think about how you can build a habit of consistency because staying consistent is a challenge itself, but the great thing is that you are on your way to conquering the challenges that are blocking your path to success once you conquer the challenge of being a consistent achiever. Losing weight does not happen by running once a week or eating junk food three times a week but it is achieved by being consistent with your workout and your healthy recommended meal plan. The side effect of not keeping on is that when you do what others like to do, you will have limited options. Doing the opposite of what the majority are doing should be a mindset you will need to include in your toolbox.  

An untalented consistent man is a nightmare to an inconsistent talented man. It is time to outwork the giant in your court. Make consistency your little secret. 

You might as well build an identity around consistency by continually calling yourself a consistent achiever. Make it an exercise to repeat those words to yourself any time you are getting a goal accomplished. 

Breaking the law of consistency is like living against the principles of success. Do not break it is what I recommend.

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