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Interest is Not a Commitment. Know the Difference and Know When to Use Them

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Interest is like resting a feather on a heavy object. The weight is not felt unlike when you rest a heavy object on a feather. Commitment is like a heavy object on a feather. When you plan to work on an important project or willing to fulfill a promise, commitment is what you will need not interest. A good number of people have missed working on a goal that could change their life because they lack the perspective behind being interested in something and being committed to their goal. You will be surprised how many interested people that have bailed out when the going gets stuff. 

Promise hardly kept

Have you ever looked at people's faces or even your own face when someone asks the question, "how committed are you?" That word commitment carries a lot of weight. Some people are bound to run away when they hear the word commitment. Some of us treat our affairs in life as an interest. Interest can ignite your curiosity, but the commitment is the spice of life that keeps us going especially when the road of life is full of bumps and potholes. 

When the table turns, commitment is what you will need to get through

We only think about the goal in our mind, mostly pushed and encouraged by others to get started when we are only interested but someone who is committed to the same goal wants nothing less than an application of what he has in his mind. Interest talks about how he wants to run 4 miles every day for 30 days. A committed person wakes up and runs 4 miles every day for 30 days. An interested person imagines a beautiful relationship but ends up walking away when the table turns from for-better to for-worse. A committed person goes in and endures the current condition of his relationship while continuously looking for a way to bring it back to the good times (for better). 

Everyone has a battle to fight and a goal to reach

Do not be surprised if the very strong people you know or the successful people you admire openly confess their temptation to quit when the journey got tough for them but be surprised by how they engineered their comeback. What did they do differently that helped them to achieve this immense success? It is safe to agree that they were more committed than the average man you know. Everyone is fighting a battle, be it a battle of success, good health, emotional and spiritual battle but they very people who win are the ones that are committed to keep going and never give up even when their commitment pays off. I would have loved to say until the battle is over, but the battle is never over. When you win one, you will have more to take care of but win one first and winning one battle starts with a commitment rather than how much interested you are. 

Interest can serve as a stage setting emotions, but commitment will determine how the process and the result will turn out. To finish that 100 meters race, you will need to commit to hard work and commitment to a strong mindset, and positive perception. Interest will not do it for you. Interest is like a baby food on an adult stomach. Commitment is the real food that feeds an adult. 

You will be on your way the day you will commit yourself to action

The level of your hunger for success will depend on the level of your commitment, not interest. The journey of a thousand steps begins with one committed step, not one interesting step. Stop treating your life affair with interest rather commit to it with all you have. Commitment keeps you going while interest keeps you thinking. Are you interested in or committed to your goal? How bad do you want success in your life?

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