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How to use people's feedback to grow yourself

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

This article has been put together to discuss the common benefit of using feedback to our own advantage. Every day of our life, we are constantly bombarded with opinions and comments in the form of feedback. Sometimes, it comes to us from our good friends but most of the time, it comes from those who think they are doing us a disservice by criticizing our work, talent, and goals. It takes a seeing mind to reflect on what is being thrown at him and see how he can use it to build his own Chateau. You are only as powerful as you want to be when you start asking for sincere feedback and also positively responding instead of negatively reacting to people’s feedback. By the time you are done with this article, you will learn the true benefit of using feedback to avoid the ugly battle with people, the risk of stagnating in your career, the risk of losing your relationship, and also the risk of losing a job or business. Read on to discover a perspective you will need as you journey through life and as you build your success.

Numerous times, we hate to hear and see the harsh reality of getting feedback especially when it happens to do with criticism. Do you like a compliment? Everybody likes a compliment whether we are sincere about it or not. The relative is that, if you like compliment then should also like criticism or any sort of feedback. Of course, most people don’t know how to criticize people or their work. To some, criticism is like an ironic way of masking their compliment. They like what you do but their ego or insecurity would not allow them to give you the compliment you deserve. There are two kinds of people that may give you a destructive feedback through criticism and the person are the type of people who has a problem with their social skills such as talking too much or not knowing how to use words, excessively bias and the other group of people are into an emotional battle. Regardless of who you are up against within your success journey or overall life experience, your goal is to learn when and how to use whatever feedback you receive from people to grow yourself. 

Self-growth is not a comfortable exercise. You have to be uncomfortable before you can start to grow, and it is at this moment that you get to transform into your expected goal. How do you feel when people throw negative feedback at you? Most certainly, People who handle this situation well are the individuals who have developed a solid emotional maturity or who have become emotionally mature. The ability to respond to what people do to you depends on your social skills that stem from your emotional intelligence as Daniel Goleman the author “Emotional intelligence” calls it. It is quite interesting how we sometimes instead of responding, we end up reacting to people's feedback as if we are ready for a fight especially against whatever thing people say that does not resonate with what we want to hear? 

One of the things we neglect so fast is the fact that people judge us not by what they see in us but by what they see outside of us. In order words, other people do not see us as we imagine ourselves to be but how they perceive us from what they are seeing. Majority of the time, you have a blind spot to some certain things in your life. This is why feedback is super important because it helps you to see what you are not seeing that other people are seeing. The moment you receive feedback, you are experiencing the awesomeness of someone holding a mirror for you to see what needs to be addressed in your personal life, but it is your goal to see where that feedback fits into your life because not everything people say needs to be addressed. Customers are always right is a phrase we hear a lot in the business world, and we have heard how serious companies regard the review and the feedback of customers especially for growth and better service purposes, but do you think companies actually addresses every single feedback they receive from their customers? Filtering out what you need and discarding what you do not need changes everything and gives you an incentive to working and rebuilding yourself. Everyone one of us can be seen as a work in a progress and feedback is what gives your life a better outlook and a good result. 

Unstuck yourself from stagnant progress

There is no faster way to be stuck in life like refusing to keep working on your personal growth. Here is an amazing way to conquer all of this and unstuck yourself by using people's feedback and criticism to your benefit. Try and develop within you the ability to see yourself through people’s eyes. The moment you start to do that, it will help you to reduce your reaction rate for the things that are not serving you while helping you to increase your positive response which will make you surprise yourself and others on how much transformation that is going on in your life and how successful you are becoming in the areas nobody thought you are never good at. Our lack of perfection is truly what puts us on the edge of being a work in progress. 

Do what companies are doing

Ever wondered why companies ask for feedback? They know that anybody who asks for feedback has a greater advantage over someone who cannot differentiate what is working and what is not working. Instead of waiting for the perfect feedback moment, do what companies likes to do and that is by reaching out to people rather than waiting for them. You can reach out to family or a trusted friend, but you have to assure them that you will handle their feedback with maturity. We know how hard it is to receive sincere and tough feedback from people that love us. Not because they do not want to but because they are not ready for your wall building attitude. Nobody is dismissing the fact that truth hurts but anything that carries pain also carries soothing and reliable treatment.

Be happy and excited to use your review to create massive success. Here is something you might want to remember, is not the stone people throw at you that matters, it is what you do with the stone that changes the course and trajectory of your life. Do not see feedback as a boring thing or a criticism but see it as a tool for your success.

Thanks for reading with us today. 

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