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Planning for tomorrow, today, is winning a day ahead

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Planning for tomorrow, today, is winning a day ahead

Planning for tomorrow today is a hidden secret great achiever uses to win every day of their lives. Knowing what to do is not a guarantee that you will know when to do it if you do not plan it and wrote it somewhere so that you can keep yourself accountable as your tomorrow turns into a present day. 

You think effectively when you have less to remember, write it down.

You have heard that a dull pencil is more shaper and most helpful than a sharp brain. You cannot remember it all. Life is already busy and noisy. The moment you step out of your house, the sooner information starts to build up, and the faster you will forget all that you imagine yourself accomplishing the next day. When you act as if you will forget it, you will be forced to write it down but when you act as if you will not forget it, you will fail to put it on paper and the consequences of trusting your brain is that you will forget it all before you even need it. I am not ignoring those who have a good memory. Of course, they can easily remember things, but we already have a lot going on in our life. Trying to remember it all is like trying to risk forgetting what could be a decisive moment in our life. 

While you think you can remember things right off the bat, you should also know that we humans get bombarded with overloaded information every day and when your brain gets overwhelmed like a computer CPU, it will discard some information by putting you into a forgetful mode so that it can remember newer things as they are added. Write it down, give it a time block, be accountable to it, and get it done so that you can get closer to achieving your goals or dreams. Every little action we perform is getting us closer to the success we envision for ourselves. Planning your day is one of those important small steps and actions we need to take for us to position ourselves for success.

a man who knows what he should work on is a man who knows where his time should go.

Let us call it productive mindfulness (PM). PM is not only achieved by planning your goals ahead of the day you will work on it but it is also a strategy I use to monitor what I am achieving daily and how it is helping me to reach my goals. I use productive mindfulness to keep track of who I share my time with and for what purpose. 

The 4 ingredients of productive mindfulness

 keeping track of where your time goes, how you used it, what you used it for, and what you achieved with it at the end of the day are the ingredients that make up productive mindfulness. You are not only planning your tomorrow today, but you also keep track of your 24 hours knowing fully well that time gets by so fast. I usually think of time like a horsepower sports car on a red light and speed limit free lane. It will crush you if you do not control it. It may not necessarily crash you physically, but it will crash and crush your goals and the more you adjourn and accumulate these goals due to your time negligence and lack of PM, the more you stand the risk of getting burned out. There is a high probability that you may not work on those goals again because they are now overwhelming you. This is why a lot of people have an unfinished project. They never plan their day ahead of the day they need the plan, they never stick to the plan and they never measure their progress not to mention finishing what they started before jumping into another thing.  

Distraction is a temptation that stands in between you and your goal

You will be surprised by the number of people that are digging their hand into your time.

The majority of the time, you will find yourself battling with people's requests especially family and friends. The interesting thing is that what these individuals are asking you to do is something that can always be taken care of on another day or by someone else but they will still insist that it should be done right away while disregarding if you are already committed to something else. This is where it gets difficult for someone who is not productively mindful or already planned his tomorrow today. You will end up asking yourself what did I achieve today by the time the day is over. 

Another surprising thing about being affected by people's distracted requests is something we can rarely explain, but it is interesting how distraction starts bombarding you anytime you plan to get productive or start investing your time wisely. It is okay if you have been there before but learning how to get out it is what you should focus on onwards and it starts with being productively mindful and knowing what your goals are while staying accountable to it. Learn how to grant other people's requests when you can but learn how to say NO in a polite way to those who dig into your schedule that is already planned out. An emergency is an exception to this especially when it has to do with life. No matter what you are engaged in, save life first before any other thing, but use PM and a day ahead strategy to start crossing off your goals. With a good strategy and 24 hours consciousness, an unfinished important goal can still be finished regardless of what is in your way. 

Thanks for reading with us today, the next step is to take action and apply what you have learned. Growth happens to those who learn and apply.

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