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To Learn is to Grow and Succeed

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

The fact that you know something does not mean that you know everything. We are millions of miles away from many other things unlearned but draws closer to them the more we open our minds to learn what we do not know. Read on if you want to discover something significant. Something that can shape your learning perspective.

Are you that type of person who thinks he has arrived in knowledge? Probably not but the world is full of closed-minded individuals that do not think there is anything new to learn. They thought that the yield sign is a complete stop sign for their knowledge acquisition. The ego and the attitude of claiming to know more than others put them on a blindside of life. I know it all is the feeling of importance that revolves around the mind of the person that no longer sees the benefit of learning. 

There are different types of learners in our context. We have the hungry everyday learners, the on and off learners, and the dead-end learners.

This article is about dead-end learners and that is what we will expand on.

The dead-end learner thinks that the best way to solve a problem is by refusing to ask for help. They cannot think of the pain of being humiliated by learning from someone they have been disdaining with their knowledge. You may run into such people who usually conclude that they know what you are about to say without you even saying something. It becomes even worst when all your friends are around, and you are trying to explain and teach this type of learner something and the reception will look like he is the one that is teaching you. There is a possibility that you have met several of these types of dead-end learners. 

Ego keeps you stuck where your ignorance kept you

I remember enlightening this friend of mine about a specific topic he wanted to learn about, but the moment he perceived another friend of ours moving towards us, he instantly changed the scene into making it look like he is the one that was teaching me. I laughed and I listened. I never bothered myself about what happened because this type of individual usually always carries with him this attitude wherever he goes. The consequence is that instead of brushing away his ignorance with knowledge, he will be stuck with more problems yet unsolved. If you plan to solve more problems in your life and in the world, you cannot excuse yourself from learning and acquiring new knowledge. The world is rapidly changing. Each moment it ticks tocks is each moment new problems are developing. You are at an advantage if you find yourself in place of learning because you are developing and growing yourself to meet up with these challenges and problem that needs a fresh and functional strategy. 

New ways of living demand for fresh hungry everyday learner

Companies are interested more in the candidate who can solve a problem than the candidate who rarely or never like the idea of involving himself in a problem-solving situation. They know that problems are solved by those who are constantly learning not by those who do not want to learn. The same applies to your own life, to the economy, to the entrepreneurs, to every single thing that demands new ways of living and doing things. What do you think will happen to someone who is traveling without a GPS or a Map to a new environment but got stuck on his way and yet does not want to ask for direction from someone who knows the road more than he does? We can assume that he never arrived and even if he did, he probably arrived later than he expected just because he planted his ego where his ignorance kept him. Lucky are those who have refused to dwell in their yesterday knowledge because they shall be sought for their today's wisdom. 

Consistent growth is not an unconscious effort nor is it a habit you develop from childbirth, but it is a conscious effort that is cultivated through learning and growth. A baby learns to walk by looking at those who walk and trying to do what they are doing. A man succeeds in life by learning what he does not know from those who have walked in the path he is about to walk in and also have a considerable amount of information that could guide him in his journey not only to make less mistake but to be more creative and focused into doing what needs to be done.  

Learning to learn can be achieved by learning to listen?

When was the last time you learned something new? Being hungry to learn is not enough but there are other necessary qualities that need to be put in place as well such as aggressive listening. Learning how to listen is an exceptional quality when it comes to learning. How effective are your listening skills when others are talking to you especially when a child is trying to make a conversation? Every man has something to teach and every man has something to learn. Learning does not start with you and ends with you. Circumstances would have been a complete stop sign in people's lives if there was nothing like knowledge and an opportunity to learn. Why do you think some nations succeed while others struggle? Have you thought why some people go through tough times while others are succeeding in the same thing they are struggling with? If you want to run a quick check or evaluation of this argument. Without prior chemistry knowledge, try to register for a chemistry class and only attend the class on the day of the final exam without learning anything whether it is from your chemistry professor or studying your book. Your big Alphabetical well designed creamy dark black letter “F” will be the tasteless ice cream you will ever have in your entire life. Luck rarely goes to those who think they have arrived but if you think of it, you will come to believe that the more you will learn, the more opportunities reveal itself to you.

Forget not the words of President John F. Kennedy and that is, "the harder I work, the luckier life becomes for me.” 

Do you also want to enjoy the same opportunity the people you classify as successful people enjoy? If yes, then you must not rely on what you already know but dive into what you need to know.

The trap you must avoid when it comes to learning is that if you do not apply what you are learning, you are still as good as the person who hates learning.

The sooner we understand that what we know is not enough for us to know what we do not know the better for us. Instead of being like the man who refuses to ask questions but instead relies on his ignorance, be like the man who loves to bury his ego and ask a question. Answers are mostly found in questions. It is better to swallow the pride and the fear of being embarrassed for seeking knowledge and learning something new than to be disappointed in life for embracing ignorance or relying on old information. Change before you miss opportunities that come with change.

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