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What Motivates You?

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

Tough question for most people but very simple to answer if you look around you for some clue.

Even your employer is more interested in hearing what you have to say about your motivation because he knows how much you need it, especially when you are running out of gas. You can call it gas of being and doing your best. There are different categories of achievers, but I encourage you to belong to the category of ambitious people who want to achieve more and become more. Nothing bothers achievers like seeing people who have what it takes to get what they want in life yet, they are not doing anything about it. In a constant search of what motivates you, you will see that the object is closer than they appear. 

Look inwards and search externally for it

It might be your hunger to define your circumstances. Perhaps, you are tired of being where you are that you really want to get up and do something about it. It might be your children. Giving them the best of life could be what motivates you. How about giving back to your parents who invested years of hard work, patience, mentoring, sleepless nights raising you? Would you rather let their investment in you go unharvested? Probably not. There are many more places our motivation springs out from but those are few places that seems to resonate with some people. 

We may be motivated by our unique experience, but we still have some shared motivational experience

Because every individual has a unique purpose, what applies to someone else might not be what is motivating you. You are not relegated to few things but the more the motivation, the more you will be encouraged to keep striving for your goals and in life. You still have to find other things about your life, purpose, and your journey that motivates you. As for me, God is the main source, my family increases the fire more while my sincere and commitment to serving and helping the amazing individual who wants to walk successfully in areas of life that I have been through is another thing that lights the fire of motivation in me. Becoming better today than I was yesterday is also a motivational and inspiring strength that pushes me. Those are the places where your motivation could also come from or probably hidden but you can find more if you keep looking. Apart from God, family, and any other internal or external thing, our general motivation should also come from helping the less privileged. Nothing supercharges you to success like knowing that you are living and working hard so that someone who is underprivileged will share in your success and not give up in life just because of their predicament. 

 Sharing rather than hoarding can motivate you to unexpected success

It is worth sharing and that is, there is a difference between experiencing problems and having predicament. John Maxwell said it better, "A problem is something you can do something about but if you can't do anything about it then is no more a problem but a predicament and should be coped with, endured." - John C. Maxwell. 

Whether you are going through a problem or a predicament, there are so many people you are better than and a lot of underprivileged people have been held down in life not only by their problems but also by their predicament. That alone should give us more reason to draw our motivation from helping those who are not as privileged as we are. When a crying face and a despairing soul smile just because of your input, you will be surprised by how much motivation that will flow in your life while pushing you to become more so that you can give more.

Whatever it is, there is always something out there that will make you to not let things remain as they are in your life. Something that would not let you fold your arms and let sleep, game console, everyday movie, or time waster deprive you of what you are meant to be accomplishing. 

You might not need it to get started but you will eventually need it to keep going

Motivation is not necessarily what you need to get started in doing what you ought to be doing but it is something you need to supercharge you to greater actions. Something that makes you resilient, increases your flame of hard work, persistence, and success any time you look back and remember your why. The reason why you are after a certain goal. The same would apply to you when you find what motivates you. While others are expressing fear, you will be expressing faith because there is something in your life that is telling you that it well worth it in the end. You need a motivating factor in your life to overcome fear. Guess what stops people from achieving their success in life? That's right, FEAR. That false evidence demotivates you from being courageous and persistent. 

Those are the qualities of being the king of the wild

A lion may not be the strongest animal in the wild, but it is the most powerful motivated animal and that is the reason why it does not turn away from what seems to be a gigantic eyesore threat. Do you want to be the king of your wild? I can hear you affirm that, but affirmation can only help you depending on the level of your motivation. A man who is afraid is out of the context of motivation but a man who concludes that he is capable of accomplishing anything he sets his mind on and then motivate himself into action have just expressed faith. Find what motivates you and put on your garment of motivation and start striving for success. Nothing impedes a man’s journey for greatness like a lack of motivation. Light on your motivational candle and never let anyone or circumstances put it out. 

Do not hide away from the battle, your blessing is wrapped and hidden in the battleground. Conquer and possess what belongs to you.

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